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Traditionally, the Principal resembled the middle manager in William Whyte’s 1950's classic ‘The Organization of Man’ - an overseer of buses, boilers and books. Today, in a rapidly changing era of standardized reform and accountability, a different conception has emerged - one closer to the model suggested by Jim Collins, 2001 ‘Good to Great’, which draws lessons from contemporary corporate life to suggest leadership that focuses with great clarity or what is essential, what needs to be done Shaping vision of academic success for all students, creating a climate hospitable to education, cultivating leadership in others, improving instruction and shaping a man to trainer and provide a trainer to teacher-trainer and so on are the principles of a principal.

I believe that a teacher is a resource to our civilization and think all the formal and non-formal activities and experiences that help to quality a person to assume responsibilities of a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibilities more effectively. I will try to keep pace with the reality to come true the dreams of young trainees. If we don’t know where we're going, we will never know when we have gotten there. If we know, we have to take a pre -step for complete thinking, to build up a nation, this ‘pre-step’ is the teacher. The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of its citizens. The quality of its citizens depends not exclusively, but in critical measure upon the quality of their education, the quality of their education depends more than upon any single factor, upon the quality of their teacher. Every community should have a talented and dedicated teacher in every classroom. We, all want to create a greater ‘community’ i.e. ‘Well trained teachers’ through our Institution.

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